Corporate Profile


As a company dealing with wine blessed by nature, we obtained ISO14001 certification in December 2009 and are taking eco-friendly actions.

ISO14001 is an international standard regarding environmental management system, issued by the International Standard Organization (ISO), and is obtained by maintaining a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. Once certification is obtained, audits by third parties are performed to regularly assess whether the PDCA cycle is being performed correctly. If the certificate holding organization is in compliance, their certification is extended.
Here are some of our environmental activities.

Reduction of electricity usage

The zoning of our office space has made it easier to control lighting and air conditioning usage.
We try to save electricity by turning lights off in empty areas and turning the air conditioning off in less populated areas.

2. Lights off during lunch breaks
We turn off our office lights for one hour during lunch everyday.
In June 2013 we implemented a “No Overtime Day” in attempt to save electricity throughout the entire company.

Recycling corks

We do not throw away corks; we gather them up after our tasting events and take them to our company, where TOKYO WINE STAR( picks them up. TOKYO WINE STAR places special wine wood boxes for cork collection in restaurants in addition to making boards and coasters with recycled corks. We provide used wine wood boxes to TOKYO WINE STAR to assist in their efforts to collect used corks.

Reduction in paper usage

We collect single-sided printed papers and use the unused side for in-house printing.
We decreased the number of printed pages by using 2-up, double-sided printing styles for seminar pamphlets provided to our customers.

Improving stocking efficiency

Using vehicles and ships consumes energy. So we coordinate our imports to maximize the number of wines per container, promoting efficiency.